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Desc:So many commercials and spots from 1984. I think my favorite is the C3PO cereal.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:commercials, advertisements, ads, 80s, Horrible cartoon infinity
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 8
The tough thing to revisit with respect to media from my childhood is the unflinching optimism.
Yeah, that one plus one commercial really hurt

"one plus one.." I friggin hated those kids as a kid.

Little Rascals = Laziest cartoon ever made

In my 12 year old head, Boys Club = where all the bad kids end up

Green Machine >> Sidewinder

Colorforms >> Presto Magix

Rodents of Unusual Size
22:05 he collects other things, too, kid. Don't get too excited.

17:50 talking pills tell you not to eat talking pills

22:40 or possibly 14:44 best toy ever

24:44 obesity saves the day!

:55 and 19:58 I never knew there was a Little Rascals cartoon and I despised it instantly. It's hard for me to hate something that soon.

15:09 a Mormon musical number about lying
This sounds like a job for the Horrible Cartoon Infinity!

"22:05 he collects other things, too, kid. Don't get too excited."

Yeah and I'm also guessing he missed watching the "we're not candy" ad too.

Rodents of Unusual Size
tried to change one of the tags to Horrible Cartoon Infinity but I'm finding that for some reason I can't make edits. Weird.

Either way, I'm tempted to find more Little Rascals abominations.

Jimmy Labatt
Holy shit this is the best one ever.

Bonus points for Blackstar, where the "laser lights" consisted of using a spark wheel on the back of the action figure. They didn't even try to disguise the effort involved. Amazing!
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