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Desc:If you're not joining us already, this is what you're missing.
Tags:Exploitation, stupid, EDITING!, Mission Impossible, PoeTV Monday Night RAW
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If you're going to join us, here's how:

Video: https://streamboat.tv/@Hooker
Chat: #poeTV on irc.freenode.net
Born in the RSR
Really raising the stakes with these promos, guys.
Krieger "stop, I can only get so erect" gif goes here.
God damn it, by the time it's my turn again I'm going to need to sell the car I don't have to bankroll a promo that's worthy. Especially since next time I go it's going to be "Goodbye Space Precinct" night.
I have already decided to call in favors if I have to cut my own promo. Jang is professional, so we have to bring the A game.

As Hooker did.

I hit reply before coffee completed my thought for me.

I own the cheapest greenscreen money can buy and I haven't found anything to do with it yet...

The Mothership
Who's the cutie in the preload image?
She's from Rats: Night of Terror. She's head-to-toe naked in it. If you want to see her head-to-toe naked, you know where you should be tomorrow night.


Seriously, it's a good time

Kiel each other.
What time will this start?
6:50 Eastern Standard Time of Planet Earth, Sol Three, Orion Spur, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster, 65 degrees off the Cosmic Drift.

Prime Universe.

Two Jar Slave
I think I can make tonight for the first time since "your lives or your cats".
That was still my favorite thing we've seen, with he possible exception of Netforce.

Two Jar Slave
What was its name? I keep trying to describe it to people.

Mondays are usually fairly bad for me but I think I can make this one. Only watched half the promo, gotta save some of that intensity for the main event.
Thanks for coming!


I had a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting. Thanks for having me.
Two Jar Slave
RAW was great this week, and I feel a powerful urge to wash away the Italian sleaze.
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