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Desc:I was looking for videos about formication and I got this. I will never understand porn.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:carmen, ants, fire ants, baby powder, Ants Canada
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Are ants capable of self recognition?

http://www.journalofscience.net/File_Folder/521-532%28jos%29.p df
Sanest Man Alive
Suffer not the fire ant to live.
I didn't even know this was a thing. This is a thing? People keep these little bastards as pets?
Sanest Man Alive
These aren't people keeping pets, they're aspiring supervillains cultivating an army of monsters.

All they have to do is go to Florida. They'll have all the ants they want. Ants are like the Slivers in Magic: The Gathering down there. OP AND EAT FREAKING ANYTHING.

Robin Kestrel
You know what seems like a nice, relaxing hobby? Keeping a colony of fire ants.

Aspiring globalist cultivating an army of tax-cattle.

Oscar Wildcat
Culinary extremist looking for a peppery bite.

he's developing a thing that gives fire ants to ex-girlfriends

Yes, we all do love to spoil our ants.
Oscar Wildcat
"This one is called Socrates, and this one is called Ben."
***** stars for Oscar Wildcat.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Here, take mine. But those aren't stars. They are dead fire ants crushed by the others on the march to glorious freedom!

That's really weird, Bort. I was looking for videos about designing joints for 3D printed anime figurines, and this very same ant video showed up in my list, too.
It showed up in my list, too, just at the top of recommended. I don't remember watching any videos about ants in the past two or three years.

It was still interesting though.
So like us.
That guy
We refuse to walk on hills of baby powder?

This whole channel is great, it hits a perfect blend of natural horrors and an enthusiastic Canadian.

I recommend this one:


Especially for the part where he talks about how much he loves his ants while they spray acid onto the face of a cockroach that's still alive and struggling after having more than half off its body eaten.
That guy
I'm 1000% sure I don't need to anthropomorphize any of that.

Subscribed and binged! Great channel.
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