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Desc:How to change the date on Cayla Wood's computer
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Science & Technology
Tags:computers, explosions, cayla wood
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Comment count is 16
She's uploaded over 1400 videos, with a total number of views probably under 750,000 (she got lucky with one video getting over 500,000)--what exactly is the point of even making them to begin with, let alone submitting them to poetv for an extra few hundred views at best? I don't get it.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Mental illness I think.

gambling addiction?

Say what you will, but people like Cayla are some of my favorite on the internet.

That guy
Oh, I'll say what I will.

Chocolate Jesus
cayla is the real deal and you losers posting game trailers and saturday morning cartoons can choke

Crab Mentality
I'd be fascinated to talk with her, and really break down what her game is.

Don't like.

That guy
Gmork, are you just following me around, 1-starring stuff I like because I made you mad?

YouTube is all about volume and keywords. Once you're in the rotation the video hits roll. If she's monetizing then that can translate big. I just assumed posting it here is another way to get it higher in link rankings or something, and sometimes a hundred hits in a short time is all you need to get other people to see it.

throwback like WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!
is it fireworks? how did they do this? i really need a disembodied voice to explain to me how this is done.
That guy
It's all just a series of blowjobs.

i was first in my class at usc film

so it's gonna be a really amazing blowjob

Next from Cayla, "How to turn on a Windows Desktop PC"
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