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Desc:Don't try this at home
Category:Science & Technology, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:science, german people, Cesium
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Comment count is 12
Borat does science.
must be nice to have $5000+ to waste on a YouTube video

Don't forget the price of that table

Maggot Brain
In Putin's Russian we hyave myany tables.

Killer Joe
It takes $400,000 to film this series, for 12 episodes.

I want to try this at home.

someone give me $2500
I now have less of a desire to play with Cesium.
MacGyver Style Bomb
"Not ta mention da burning of da table. It waz all done for zience"
Fucking around with chemicals, also known by its scientific term: "Experiments"
I think your mistake was the kerosene.
the blowtorch nonchalantly taken off the burning table @ 2:22 fits the theme perfectly
What he lacks in scientific rigor he certainly makes up for in Cesium.
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