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Desc:After this screwup they will judge you till the day you die.
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:children, Shame, disappointment
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Comment count is 10
Born in the RSR
This is funnier than the "Invest in Estonia" commercial from a few years ago.
The world's largest producer of lightbulb manuals.
Oscar Wildcat
How many investors does it take to build up eastern Poland?

Five, but three of them have to be German.

They make great mayonez.
About a block from my house is a super excellent deli run by a big Polish family who can't speak much English, except for one son who was born here.
I invest in Eastern Poland all the time.
Robin Kestrel
A very wise man once said, "Don't forget about Poland!"
My people have been investing in Eatern Poland for decades.

And Western Poland, and Northern Poland, and Southern Poland, and Czechoslovakia, and France, and Holland, and Denmark, and Sweden, and Norway, parts of Russia, North Africa and Argentina.
Maggot Brain
Eastern Poland: The Real Poland
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