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Desc:How do synthesizers work?
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:music, Synth, Ambien, raccoon eyes
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Comment count is 9
May I suggest playing at 1.25x speed.
.5 is actually a lot more fun.

I watched it at 1.50 and it was perfectly followable. I would have gone faster but the compression got wonky.

This is great but I can tell by the name and the synths present that it's only really going to cover the East Coast school.
Actually never mind, it's on the Matrixsynth channel and has a bunch of parts, I bet it's more thorough than I gave it credit for.

Also I got a degree in this stuff and I can already tell that this video is going to cover more than my whole shitty (yet somehow well regarded) program did. We literally didn't even own a subtractive synthesizer at all, just a couple Kyma systems (which were and still are utterly amazing but also way beyond anything we covered so we never actually used them at all), a few Kurzweil K2500's and some digital keyboards. For a sound design and synthesis degree program at a major university.

Point is, watching these videos will probably qualify you for a BS.

OZ, You got a degree in synthesizers?

Little known fact: The bassoon is considered "unsynthesizable" in that no synthesizer has ever successfully reproduced the bassoon's sound.
Boomer The Dog
Good teaching there, and I found out that Dogs can hear higher frequencies. Mad Magazine had a comic about that, it was about high fidelity audio systems, and people becoming adjusted to the sound of hi-fi on continued listening. The listener sitting there was seen changing into a Dog like Nipper from RCA.

I like the 'RCAcoon Eyes' tag, like Raymond Burr's eyes, I could see them as Rac Cooney.

Funny thing is this is a demo on sound, and yet the compression time constants aren't correctly set for the guy's narration!

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