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Desc:Hes been levelling up lately
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:dreams, ulillillia,
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Comment count is 12
This is genuinely the only YouTube personality I would let crash on my couch.
Shows what you know, U-dog doesn't utilize couches.

Ulillillia sure has lost weight with his napkin on pizza technique, lookin good buddy
puppy ill ill, fetch me a dream
blue vein steel
I wonder what kinds of meds he takes. Inability to recall dreams was a side effect I remember when I was taking (proscribed) Adderall.
He's improving and expanding as a person, and he looks great.

Good job, U-dog.
Did you watch a different video than me? He looks like he's on drugs.

Grandmaster Funk
don't worry, he always looks like that

Oscar Wildcat
The u-dog subsists on a diet of hamburger helper sans hamburger and pizza. How he is not dead from scurvy is a mystery to me.

Shanghai Tippytap
are they making fun of him

stop making fun of him >:(
I think they're just not sure what to make of him, and find him amusing, but aren't necessarily making fun of him. After all, it's not every day you meet someone so imaginative and original.

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