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Desc:It is now gone, but the sign is still visible from I-5.
Tags:trichinosis, chinese food, toxoplasmosis, Yelp reviews
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Comment count is 13
I would wok past this place if I saw it.
is that tso?

infinite zest
what do you ming?

What exactly can you get for $1?
A full clearing out of your stomach contents and lower digestive tract.

Throw in a tape worm and you got yourself a deal!

My brother are here a lot.

The sign is still up, proudly visible from I-5.

Extra tapeworm will incur a surcharge.

Maggot Brain
Speaking of horrible things in LA is the sign for The Toy Palace(?) still around? From what I remember it is was a garage door that had the words "Toy Palace" crudely spray painted on one side and was lofted on top of a cherry picker next to the high way.
In the yellowbook.com
Caminante Nocturno
www.onedollarchinesefood.com isn't around anymore, which isn't as surprising as the fact that yellowbook.com still is.
infinite zest
I realized that Chinese Restaurants would be in on wordplay after I lived down the street from Kung Food, and the fact that a petition was created to re-erect a downtown sign for a Hung Far Low even though it moved out of that area years prior. I wonder if it's picked up with the Vietnamese places yet or if they're still oblivious: My girlfriend lives across the street from a 'Pho Kim' and somewhere else there's a 'Pho Q,' 'Pho King' and many others. You know because 'Pho' rhymes with 'fuck' without the K.. and they answer the restaurant just like that- "hello welcome to fuck you." But I'm not sure if it's encroached on the general restaurant owner or if it's just a thing hipsters find funny.
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