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Desc:I didn't really think it could get more awkward and uncomfortable.
Tags:beer, Police, pigs, HOOTERS, WREAK
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Comment count is 12
Smellvin - 2007-05-02
Uhhhhhhh... Am I an asshole for laughing at this hysterically?
timmylean - 2007-05-02
Is this kid drunk, high, retarded, or all three?
Wintermute - 2007-05-02
feel free.... to send me an email ..... FROM HELL
oddeye - 2007-05-02
Laughing at children with REAL problems is not cool
eroticus e - 2007-05-02
Just sad and unpleasant.
fluffy - 2007-05-02
Is this the guy's son?
bakune young - 2007-05-02
ur so strong, ur a strong mann
DrCrypt - 2007-05-03
I just feel sad. This kid seems nice.
Cheese - 2007-05-03
This is how I picture all of you.
enjoy - 2007-05-03
Why are you guys all giving this kid just one star?
minimalist - 2007-05-03
Because it's bad to laugh at kids with developmental disabilities? And we feel guilt for doing so?
baleen - 2007-05-03
who's laughing? YOU WERE LAUGHING? You sick bastard.
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