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Desc:Rain Florence is a doctor now #FreeBubba
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:batshit, Child abuse, breastfeeding, Rain Florence, scarlet fever
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Comment count is 12
Spoiler: Breast feed that first night, then the child will get better... slowly!
"I don't know why he's been cutting back." I am shocked she has comments enabled.
comments might be the best part

She has a supremely punchable face.
My grandfather had scarlet fever at age 16. It cost him his hair. If only there'd been a pair of crazy new age earth mom titties.
these are yours

I actually had it as a kid. Parents assumed it was just a sore throat and I was playing it up until they noticed the 103 degree fever. Thankfully no lingering side effects that I know of.

You got lucky. Medicine has come a long way, but scarlet fever is still nothing to play around with. I pity the life ahead of this kid.

Indigo children need to be breast fed well into their teens.
Why is it never a girl child with crazy alternative breastfeeding types.
Man, this lady is nuts... *looks at related videos - 'Benefits of Swallowing Semen'* ...wait, hold on, she might be on to something.
"Why I Love Coffee up my ass and that squirt, squirt sound!"

Okay, she's lost me again.

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