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Desc:Couldn't find any performance footage, unfortunately
Category:Video Games
Tags:vidya games, nerds ruin everything, Poorly Conceived Movie Musicals Week, the last starfighter
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OxygenThief - 2017-04-12
And it was this child who caught your master spy

(He caught the spy/Where was the spy)
(Our master spy/He'll surely die)

Hear my Rylans
When the green moon Gallen is eclipsed
You shall know the fiendish fury of our ships

We shall see Xur
We shall seeeeeeeeeee
memedumpster - 2017-04-12
I disagree with the whole premise of this week, there is no such thing as a poorly conceived musical, they are all fucking amazing triumphs of the human spirit.

I present this clip as evidence.

Also, Russel Crowe's singing voice, which is so bad you need it to remind you how wonderful entropy is.

Musicals : because entropy is wonderful.
cognitivedissonance - 2017-04-13
They should've just sung "Seventy-Six Trombones".
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