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Desc:From gentle foreplay to a punishing 120 cycles per minute ... Looks promising!
Category:Advertisements, Educational
Tags:fellatio, love doll, blowjob, sexbot, indiegogo
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Nutted but she still suckin'
All my stars for poster name, comment, and video content synergy.

Monkey Napoleon
This is like something out of a Japanese horror film.

I think I'd rather have something that isn't imitating creatures from my nightmares.

If there's one adjective that perfectly describes what I'm looking for in a blowjob, it's "punishing."
infinite zest
Still less punishing than trying to figure out a nice way to ask your partner to, uhh, put your teeth behind your lips or something?

I am a third degree blackbelt in Shaolin Iron Dong.

Oscar Wildcat
Meet George Jetson,

"Jane, stop this crazy thing!"
Holy shit.

Go to the campaign page and look at the mouth moldings image.

Also, the top YT comment.
To save anyone else the trouble:

http://tin yurl.com/kdk4jb8


infinite zest
I'll just save this for later. PS does poetv fuck up tinyurl links now too?

Killer Joe
"Cool ottoman, bro!"
Who the hell sucks cock with their eyes open?
Your mom.

infinite zest
I don't think I've ever closed my eyes when I'm going down on someone. I have enough trouble doing anything down there with my eyes open!

"I donated my hair to science!"

"What are they using it for?"

"Not sure."
Just thread a banana peel through a toilet paper roll like a normal person. God.
Binro the Heretic
Don't they make those water wiggly toys anymore? You know, those things that look like a Mobius strip and a water balloon had a baby?

I remember they came out when I was 13 and within a month, every teen boy in America had learned how to use them as blowjob simulators.

a lot cheaper than a robot and far less likely to peel the skin off your cock.

Binro, I had never heard of what you're talking about, so I Googled and ended up on Amazon.

Customer Questions:

"Is there a hole in the middle of these?"

"Could onr [sic] stick an object of a 5 inch diameter in the center?"

Well, I guess you learn something every day, if you're lucky...

https://www.am azon.com/Water-Snake-Wigglies-inch-Colors/dp/B004USMJSY

Is this your fault?

http://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/racine-school-disputes-sex -toy-story-claims-students-sexualized-water-snake-wigglies

Binro the Heretic
Hey, you give any boy going through puberty a toy that has a hole in it, you know what's going to happen.

infinite zest
I once got off using a N64 rumble pack. I think Blast Corps froze up and the thing was just vibrating until I reset the system, so when in Rome I guess.

"many of the students sexualized the use of these toys, which was a disruption to learning that could not be ignored"

I like how the example "clothing of your choice" makes the robot look like a runaway teenager you might pick up at an intercity bus stop.
As someone who has long fantasized about getting blown in the Sno-cat depot of McMurdo Station, I gotta say this commercial sold me.

Those mechanical BRRRR RUUUP noises kind of ruin the whole "JUST LIKE AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING SUCKING YOUR COCK!" experience, don't they?
Two Jar Slave
All my stats for this comment thread, poetv doing what it does best.

Also, I just discovered that poetv autocompletes to perv on my phone.
Two Jar Slave
Stars, ffs.

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