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Desc:Chances are that I'll be perfectly fine, but, you know.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:portal of xenocides livejournal
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Comment count is 36
Best of luck to you; this place wouldn't be the same without you.
The Mothership
Yes, stay strong X.

Be well. Much love.

Are you old enough yet to grab a nurses ass without getting slapped?
Oscar Wildcat
Enjoy the pharmaceutical grade narcotics!
Good luck!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Wishing you well.
infinite zest
I just got back from an Endoscopy, which is also fairly minor, but I was freaked out since I've never been under general anasthesia before. Like, "should I tell them that I tried cocaine a few times? Will that complicate things?" the hypochondriac wheels were spinning. But the last thing I remember was looking at some monitor that was showing what the little camera they'd be sticking inside me would see, I was like "oh is that my.." and next thing I knew it was 2 hours later and the nurse asked me if I'd like some cheese and crackers. :D
WTF. I was only offered ice chips every time I woke up from like the 6 times I've been under general anesthesia/

infinite zest
Yeah I couldn't consume anything but ice chips 10 hours prior to the operation, but mine was just an endoscopy. I think with surgery itself you might have to wait a bit, but usually with the ice chips and such it's just so whatever they're looking at isn't blocked by the food coloring and such. But in either case the first thing you eat is one of the best things you'll ever eat. :)

God no, every time I have GA I have to get anti-nausea meds and lie on my back gripping the sides of the bed until they drag me out to the curb.

Hope everything goes well!
Well, you'd just better come back, mister!

Seriously, good luck.
best of luck!
be well
good luck!
Good luck!
Good luck and may you come back swiftly and painlessly!
Caminante Nocturno
Don't let them steal your fillings while you're under.
I've been under general once and you really do lose your memory of the 10 minutes or so after you come out of it, almost total amnesia. The weirdest thing about it is that what memories I do have are completely abstract, like I remember some of the things the doctors said to each other and I remember what was on one of their charts I got a glimpse of as I was waking up but I have no actual sense memory of it at all, just the content, like I read about it somewhere rather than actually living it.

The point is, Xenocide, you should just assume that you told the doctors all of your darkest, most shameful secrets while you were waking up, but you don't remember it and they're pretending it didn't happen.

Good luck! My dad had minor heart surgery in like 1992 and has been in perfect health ever since, so my money is on you being fine.
Best of luck!
Fare well.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I'm just some guy whose login you sorta recognize, but having various relatives go through heart surgery, I wish you the best. These guys are generally the best at what they do, which is a nice thought to take into the OR.
Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. It's much appreciated. Like I said, my odds are really good, but I've never been under the knife before so it's a bit nerve-wracking. When I have my computer back in a few days I'll let you all know how stuff went.

This is a good place.
Two Jar Slave
All the best!
Binro the Heretic
Good luck!
Wishing you well and a speedy recovery, Xenocide!
Don't forget to ask for extra Fentanyl. Docs dish that out like candy. They'll appreciate your taste.

Seriously though, good luck, and if you die, we're keeping your stuff.
i was extra polite after i woke up from my GA, managed to get in an "excuse me i think i'm going to throw up" before doing so (they were paying attention and made the catch thankfully) and passing back out
by that i mean i'm hoping for the best, but also vomit is pretty funny

Crab Mentality
All the best, Xenocide!
By the way, what anime is this?
i was curious too and i found that it's called jewelpet sunshine

my verdict: oddly watchable

Checking in, hope things went smoothly.
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