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Desc:that crazy Bono
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:u2, bono, Sinn Fein, fuck the Irish
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Comment count is 20
Oscar Wildcat - 2017-05-30
When all you have is a Shillelagh, everything looks like a Protestant.
yogarfield - 2017-05-30
Holy fuck, you made my day.

Two Jar Slave - 2017-05-30
Have these.

William Burns - 2017-05-30
I can't believe Fuck The Irish isn't active yet.
Robin Kestrel - 2017-05-30
Science Fiction.
Lurchi - 2017-05-30
actually it's speculative fiction

infinite zest - 2017-05-30
Hopefully they weren't selling any of this at concessions https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/double-mountain-ira-india-red-ale/72 713/
infinite zest - 2017-05-30
Some friends of mine went to England sometime in the late 90s and they were at a bar and people were ordering whiskey/baileys dropshots and they don't call 'em Irish Car Bombs over there

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2017-05-30
People are yelling at a 30 year old video in the comments.
infinite zest - 2017-05-30
I was going to say that the production values looked pretty weak compared the Achtung Baby tour era, but there you go. Holy shit this was when U2 still made records I got and not 20 years later when I'm trying to figure out how the hell to get it off my iPhone

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-05-30
It speaks to the fact that they've always looked like a bunch of middle aged guys dressing down for the weekend. The true Fathers of Dad Rock.

infinite zest - 2017-05-30
It is pretty interesting to see him without his "sunglasses all the time" look :)

Lurchi - 2017-05-30
Fuck freedom!
Maggot Brain - 2017-05-30
Henry Rollins was right, they do only have the one riff and drum beat.
Raggamuffin - 2017-05-30
A dubious criticism coming from a guy who used to sing for Black Flag

infinite zest - 2017-05-30
I still like Rollins more than Morris, even if it's just for the live performances and not the song(s).

Anaxagoras - 2017-05-30
According to the Youtube description, he was IN SAN FRANCISCO at the time.

If true, the man is dumber than I ever gave him credit for. It appears I have misunderestimated him.
infinite zest - 2017-05-31
I'm actually surprised that there's no notable bands named The DTs (not even in Ireland?) but it's kinda like that, if I went to their show and kept yelling at them for idolizing our American president.

MyNameIsUnimportant - 2017-05-30
WTF were they even playing? Sounds like one of those 'shreds' videos.
Oktay - 2017-05-31
Sounds like a song which they don't know how long they must sing.

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