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Desc:that crazy Bono
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:u2, bono, Sinn Fein, fuck the Irish
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Comment count is 20
Oscar Wildcat
When all you have is a Shillelagh, everything looks like a Protestant.
Holy fuck, you made my day.

Two Jar Slave
Have these.

William Burns
I can't believe Fuck The Irish isn't active yet.
Robin Kestrel
Science Fiction.
actually it's speculative fiction

infinite zest
Hopefully they weren't selling any of this at concessions https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/double-mountain-ira-india-red-ale/72 713/
infinite zest
Some friends of mine went to England sometime in the late 90s and they were at a bar and people were ordering whiskey/baileys dropshots and they don't call 'em Irish Car Bombs over there

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
People are yelling at a 30 year old video in the comments.
infinite zest
I was going to say that the production values looked pretty weak compared the Achtung Baby tour era, but there you go. Holy shit this was when U2 still made records I got and not 20 years later when I'm trying to figure out how the hell to get it off my iPhone

Oscar Wildcat
It speaks to the fact that they've always looked like a bunch of middle aged guys dressing down for the weekend. The true Fathers of Dad Rock.

infinite zest
It is pretty interesting to see him without his "sunglasses all the time" look :)

Fuck freedom!
Maggot Brain
Henry Rollins was right, they do only have the one riff and drum beat.
A dubious criticism coming from a guy who used to sing for Black Flag

infinite zest
I still like Rollins more than Morris, even if it's just for the live performances and not the song(s).

According to the Youtube description, he was IN SAN FRANCISCO at the time.

If true, the man is dumber than I ever gave him credit for. It appears I have misunderestimated him.
infinite zest
I'm actually surprised that there's no notable bands named The DTs (not even in Ireland?) but it's kinda like that, if I went to their show and kept yelling at them for idolizing our American president.

WTF were they even playing? Sounds like one of those 'shreds' videos.
Sounds like a song which they don't know how long they must sing.

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