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Desc:L.A. Beast is a hero for our times
Category:Stunts, Educational
Tags:beer, nose, neti pot, L.A. Beast, Lisa Loeb
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Comment count is 3
15th - 2017-06-15
What if Welcome Week lasted forever?...........
infinite zest - 2017-06-16
I had a friend just like this guy my freshman year, and I assume lots of other people did too. He'd figure out how to vaporize vodka or drink THC out of a shotglass along with stupid shit like Bi-centennial Club and I think a 3 minute keg stand with no pause and hot sauce up the noze. But despite all this brodudebaggery, he was a cool guy in a semi-known indie band and quoted Terry Pratchett. Where the fuck was YouTube then?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2017-06-18
And you say I only hear what I want to:
I don't listen hard,
I don't pay attention to the distance that you're running
or to anyone, anywhere,
I don't understand if you really care,
I'm only hearing negative: no, no, no.
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