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Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:acid, Molar Me Elmo, will it melt?
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Comment count is 11
OFFICER DINKLEY: sir, why do you have four barrels of industrial grade sulphuric acid?
DURP DURP: i'm a famous youtuber!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This is what our digestive system does. We are terrifying!! (also we have acid blood and utilise some of the most reactive elements on the table in our metabolic processes, eg. oxygen)

Also of note..

Our terminator style, persistence hunting.

We bare our teeth as a sign of happiness / friendliness. For most animals that extreme aggression.

We walk upright all the time. For most mammals standing upright is to make themselves look big and scary.
Fucking weirdos smile with their teeth exposed.

infinite zest
The final result looks almost exactly like this crock pot soup I make, with beans and melty cheese and black olives
Oscar Wildcat
Chemistry safety tip: ALWAYS pour the acid into the Elmo, NEVER pour the Elmo into the acid!
Seven Arts/H8 Red
The anthropomorphic representation of Kevin Clash's career after the sex abuse charges.
New at Toy"R"Us: Breaking Bad Elmo.
Oh My God It's Dip!
I like how elmo was digested by the acid into a pool of liquid shit as it would had you eaten elmo yourself.
Space Odin
¡VIVA El Pozolero!
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