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Desc:The Chromatics, Hudson Mohawke, and Nine Inch Nails received no applause at the road house.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:twin peaks, trolling, james hurley
Submitted:Two Jar Slave
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Comment count is 8
Louddetective - 2017-08-11
James was always cool.
Louddetective - 2017-08-11
But really, the fact that Lynch and Frost took what it seems like a lot of people consider one of the lowest points of season two and brought it back with such unabashed joy is pretty fantastic. It seems like a lot of the hate for James (which to be fair was largely due to his awful plotline in S2) have transformed with The Return.

Two Jar Slave - 2017-08-11
Bobby too.

And for that matter, I never cared for Gordon Cole in the old show either. The Return has turned all my preferences upside down.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2017-08-12
I used to think Fire Walk With Me was a piece of shit, and now it's required viewing. I saw it a few weeks ago on Twitter with fresh eyes.

Louddetective - 2017-08-12
Definitely with Bobby, TJS. I really didn't care for him at all in the original, but he's one of the best characters in the Return.

Cole, though, I've always loved!

JHM, I didn't hate FWWM, but it didn't sit nearly as high as the series did for me. But yeah, now with The Return casting new light on everything, it's scans much better.

StanleyPain - 2017-08-12
Keep in mind that FWWM was massively interfered with by New Line Studios and the final version Lynch does not consider to be his own vision. Weirdly, he has refused to participate or endorse the creation of a "director's cut" but the inclusion of the deleted scenes on the most recent TP box set (which New Line attempted to block legally for years) was a pretty big step in the right direction to at least understanding what FWWM was supposed to be before the studio fucked it up.

infinite zest - 2017-08-15
Well Hudson Mohawke and Lissie from the most recent episode (in case anyone's still following this thread, and also holy shit Lissie fucking rock, whoever they are, and not even in the Phil Lynott way the name implies) both got applause before a cut to either Roadhouse dialog or the "Lynch/Frost" bump, albeit it was brief. I find the juxtaposition hilarious: I don't remember what the original's bumps were before Showtime bought the whole thing and put The Return's bump on the old episodes (yeah I've been watching S2 in tandem with the new ones so sue me) but the jarring noise is as synonymous with Twin Peaks as "I made this" is to X-Files/Breaking Bad or "Sit Ubu Sit Good Dog" is with Family Ties or Gracie Films with The Simpsons and I think the juxtaposition is hilarious here, especially with the more dreamy songs from Au Revoir Simone or Chromatics. And while I'll always love Pretty Hate Machine and Broken, the New Nine Inch nails just sounded like a shitty Ministry/Swans which is unfortunate because NIN weren't as similar to those groups as 90s nostalgia sometimes suggests, but that's just my personal opinion. It still was an amazing part of an amazing episode; I'm sure lots of people hate on Chromatics for basically rewriting Badalamenti songs too.

Are there any artists y'all would like to see/think would fit in the remainding episodes of The Return? I'd like to see..

Anhoni, since Hudson Mohawke is all over that record, Grinderman (not Nick Cave, just Grinderman), Swans would be neat but maybe too obvious, Squarepusher just for the fuck of it too! And as far as Washington shit, Chastity Belt is like this cool mix of Bikini Kill and.. well it's like a grown-up Bikini Kill, for better or worse, but it works.
infinite zest - 2017-08-15
Bikini Kill + Siouxsie Sioux = Chastity Belt. There. :)

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