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Desc:Kyrie Irving got into an argument with a reporter over Kyrie's flat Earth comments
Tags:basketball, nba, flat earth, Kyrie Irving, Kyrie
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Comment count is 14
Is it just me, or is every year more surreal than the last?
Definitely not just you

The Mothership
It is definitely revelant.
Oscar Wildcat
Apparently he was paid 17 million dollars last year. His job is to put a ball into a hoop. Forgive me, but how is this relevant? I'm missing it.

He's a public figure, and a hero to millions of kids all over the country. Regardless of how you feel about sports, his influence is way beyond some youtuber getting gangstalked.

Oscar Wildcat
I suppose there is something to be said for exposing children to the notion that people who make ass tons of money often have the mentality of a four year old. Again, his job is to put a ball into a hoop. On that point, I would trust my life with the guy. Otherwise, I'd steer clear. Maybe that's the valuable lesson, that being hyperspecialized is a path to success but a remarkably fragile one.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
My last job involved elite athletes*. They are essentially children. Every hour of their day is scheduled for them, and it has been like that for most of their lives.

*We did statistical analysis for elite sports teams to try and predict injury.

The Mothership
Listen to his words and read my comment again. Carefully.

Last Chance U has basically convinced me that pretty much every professional (or high-stakes amateur in big-deal sports) athlete is like that, these are just the ones that wound up in situations where their previously smoothly charted courses veered off for some reason.

The Mothership
Glad we cleared that up.

I'm confused. He seems pretty intelligent here but he actually believes the Earth is flat?

He's right though, it doesn't matter.
Maggot Brain
Tide comes in, tide goes out. Explain that!
Oscar Wildcat
All the guys in my bible study laughed at him. To believe such a thing, how absurd!

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