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Desc:How'd we forget this year's trailer? SHAME ON US.
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:Insane Clown Posse, juggalos, gathering of the juggalos, gotj
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Comment count is 21
Oh but for the good old days when our only care in the world was people from a slightly lower income bracket drinking beer in the woods.
They've replaced sugar slams with a boardgame tournament. Cmon juggalos,
I thought Sugar Slam was Shaggy's wife.

I mean Violent J's wife. Was it also an event?

Born in the RSR
Good on Violent J for losing all that weight.
Wow, you're not kidding. Good for him!

two dudes i would cross the street to avoid get blacklisted by disney and still manage to run a band/lifestyle with the sort of GDP to basically create a carnival in the middle of nowhere and correctly assume a small army of people will show up and have a good time/spend money. all this while being completely off the radio circuit. this includes those boring details such as the retention of lawyers and managers that can arrange such things with municipalities/law enforcement/fire department etc.

is it ok that i respect the hell out of these guys even if i'm not really a fan of rapping clowns?

Yeah, I can't stand their music. But I really respect them, and they seem like good guys.

Hell of a hustle.

Maggot Brain
Wow, you can tell that they are starting to get old underneath that face paint.
yeah, and they mailed this one in

John Holmes Motherfucker
One of the women in the costume contest is dressed as She-Tar from Blood Diner. That's when I decided I love Jugglos. Or maybe they're just way down on the list of people I hate . In the era of Trump, that counts as love.
infinite zest
Fucking Magnets 4 Prez 2020, in The Year of The How
infinite zest
Woah. Green Jelly is definitely a surprise, vut where's the Triple Six?
Hey, at least Brotha Lynch Hung is getting some work. I mean... as he creeps, he pictures every human that he sees as slabs of human meat, because his kids've gotta eat.(1) Maybe now he can use that Juggalo money to start going to Whole Foods, where there is slightly less baby meat and what baby meat they do have is very well-marbled.

(1) Brotha Lynch Hung. "Return of Da Baby Killa." Season of Da Siccness. 1994. Cassette.

infinite zest
I'm utterly shocked.

There were Whole Foods in 1994???

I'm confused, is there an "exciting" segment of this involving watching a bunch of dudes record a podcast?
infinite zest

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-juggalo-rallies-same -day-dc_us_59949011e4b0acc593e4a4cd

holy shit.
"update from the wasteland: the roving gangs of dirty clowns are our allies now; please stay hydrated out there"


"...During occupy Oakland there was a whole ICP bloc who threw down HARD for us. We called them the juggletariat. Not a joke."

"proud boys better stay home. our family carries hatchets, not mace. whoop whoop see you in DC"


It's nice to see Ass Dan getting center stage in this commercial.

Although it's a shame he didn't live to see the gathering.

RIP Ass Dan
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