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Desc:from Moscow no less
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:russia, steven seagal, Putin, Merica
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Comment count is 14
Maggot Brain
It's like Steven Seagal became his own villain.
Nah, he's too white to be a Seagal villain.

He has kind of got that classic Blofeld look going.

That guy
I just found this, and I had to come here to see who beat me to posting it.
Good job, Hailey.
2:16 - he risked his life "countless times" for the American flag?

The entire video is quite POETV-worthy.
Fuck everyone's sudden fake for the nationalistic dog and pony shows that preceed our professional sporting events. What's the point of them? It's not like I'm going to forget what country I'm in.
Oscar Wildcat
Our precious right wing snowflakes are virtue signaling.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
This. Most countries don't bother with the anthem when two local sides play each other. They just get on with it.

Though if we keep playing the anthem at our sporting contests, we should at least add "Play ball!" to the official lyrics, right at the end.

Just the title of this was dumbfounding.

Please say "Vladimir Putin" again!
Marlon Brawndo
It was an enthusiastic read of the name and heyyyy wait a minute. Maybe Steven Seagal has been replaced with a KGB lookalike. Damn you, Russian spies!

Space Odin
https://youtu.be/vLe_BZ1mo3I He want the Putinani

Nothing says "patriot" like lying your ass off about all the military service you *didn't* actually do just to move your movie career forward.
Space Odin
Well, if you're going to steal valor you may as well fucking eat it afterwards, which appears to be exactly what went down here.

So this is what a Russian Facebook ad looks like.

Now we know which mob he owes money to.
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