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Desc:Ziggy the legged, beaked merlette uses dark Opel magic to get his Super Bowl ad quickly pulled.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:Duck, cadillac, cindy crawford, Opel
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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blue vein steel
it's funny, because Cateras weren't actually terrible cars, if they were to cost the same as and Accord or Camery. At Caddy prices and in Caddy showrooms, they were a disaster (the 90s were also the nadir for GM in terms of overall brand reputation). If they were priced to compete with Camerys and sold as a Chevy, they would have potentially done great.
My understanding is that it wasn't a very good car, made worse by trying to sell it as an entry level premium car.

It likely would have gotten its ass handed to it even by well-optioned Accords and Camrys as well, not even mentioning lexuses and acuras.

Robin Kestrel
It was no Cimarron.

blue vein steel
that's exactly what happened. By not terrible, i mean it was good enough car to compete with an Accord or Camery by undercutting Honda and Toyota prices, sort of like a Nissan Altima did/dose. It was a decent European designed platform, sort of like the Ford Mondeo (which eventually became the Fusion in the US). GMs problem was pricing it to compete with BMW and Lexus, instead of Nissan and Mazda.

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