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Desc:Rundown of current Sumo world, tour of the official 'sumo school'.
Tags:Japan, sumo, sumo wrestling, 2017, sumo school
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teethsalad, can I just say thanks for posting these sumo videos.
you're more than welcome - sumo evangelism is a hobby of mine

you can stream the daily highlights here:
from nov.12-26th
kinatamayama has been around forever cataloging all the foreign rikishi since forever - and I think he's been following sumo since the 70's or 80's or so - but nhk's been putting up their highlight videos here, usually a day after - https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/ - i used to watch the kintamayama ones and I personally prefer the NHK coverage

meant as reply to the comment below this one

Killer Joe
Sumo is nice to watch when you're doing physical therapy on your dog, and this guy makes highlight reels of sumo tourneys:

Admittedly he's "that guy", and assumes you know the different wrestlers, and could explain the difference between the hundred winning winning moves. It makes watching a lot quicker and gets right to the action, so you can watch each day of the tournament these guys were discussing in ~10 minutes.
infinite zest
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