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Desc:Merry Christmas of Game!
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:christmas, playstation, PS1, Classics of game
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Comment count is 8
traveling into the Upside-Down
pretty much how my average winter commute goes down
infinite zest
Tokyo Glitch
I had no idea that CoG had been active all this year. The channel kinda went quiet about a year ago and then they implied they were not going to be updating for a long time. For some reason I am no longer subscribed, so I missed the updates and had no idea there was like 3 dozen or so videos I had never seen...that was a nice Xmas surprise.
How did they imply that? I thought they never communicated or interacted outside of posting videos.

Also, the most recent hiatus was thirty months long. The 'X years ago' listings on the channel's video list and the videos' post dates tell the story.

I seem to recall the account made a comment on one of their videos, something to effect of "We'll be gone for awhile while we put together a new streaming channel for playing games live!" and that never happened.

And he didnt even have to hit 88
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