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Desc:Old link is long dead, let me buy you all a ham burger.
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:arg, milwaukee, but is it art?, god seed, terry nanny
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Comment count is 4
I use Milwaukee brand power tools at work.

They're all made in China.
Also this is what Tim & Eric would be like if they knew how to write or had comic timing or talent or comedic ability.

So I share an office with a guy who claims to be close to Henry Zebrowski's sister. I don't really believe my office mate is capable of friendship.
This was one of those weird videos that always has stuck with me. I still quote parts of it. I remember when it came out there was all sorts of speculation as to what it was actually about. Rumors were that it was a viral add for the fabled Evangelion live action movie or even a Gurren Lagan movie. Apparently the coded messages were cracked eventually that led to meeting in a park where someone was running around holding the "godseed" above their head shouting "Bonub".
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