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Desc:Seriously though, Colm Meaney week is awesome! (scene starts at 1:15 oops!)
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:Matthew Broderick, Colm Meaney Week, The Road to Wellville, Bridgett Fonda
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This movie is underrated.
It's a terrible movie but I appreciate that it's terrible in a bizarrely creative and aesthetically pleasing way.

Exactly. It's terrible but it's terrible in a very unusual way.

yeah it is really underrated. it's not a great movie by any stretch but it's far too maligned.

Plus any movie that parts the veil between Harmony Korine and John Hughes is OK with me.

Highly recommend the novel which the movie is based on, much weirder and less sitcomish than the movie.

Never seen this, might have to check it out.
Not a great movie, but making a lavish period comedy with the cast this movie has, about the subject matter this movie is about, was super bold. Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Kellogg is one of the hammiest performances in Western cinematic history.
I'm nearly certain that his role in this is what really torpedo'd Dana Carvey's film career. So foul.

It was the Bill Clinton dog nipples sketch, actually. Middle America was not ready for that during the Family Hour.

chew chew chew, that is the thing to do
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