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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Slap, cats, joy division, CATegory, they like it
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Comment count is 12
now do At a Later Date!
infinite zest
I'd say go ahead and do "Blue Monday" even though it's post-Curtis, but cats don't like that one. Something about the title I think.

how about Transmission (of Toxoplasmosis)?

infinite zest
To the center of teh kittey.. 🎶🎶

infinite zest
"If 'Strozek''s final scene drove him to suicide, surely this'll bring him back.."
I can confirm cats do, in fact, like this.
Also this is not well executed but that kind of improves it.

Please at the CATegory tag.

Also this is evidence that some cats enjoy butstuff and they like rough.

I have been known to do many cat butt bongo solos as well. I'll have to remember this as musical accompaniment next time both are looking for attention.

Cat slap fever!
"Hey ashtar. you're alive! Welcome back!"
"Oh wow, I missed you guys too!"
*ashtar. and poeTV hug
I didn't say all of those things because I thought it would scare you away

You're one of the sane ones, what the hell are you doing here? Run!


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