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Desc:Words fail
Category:Stunts, Military
Tags:guns, tag suggestions welcome, Poes Law
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Comment count is 13
This is up there with that ladder match that was posted a few years ago.
That's not tacticool, that's not tacticool at all.
blue vein steel
actually, this is extremely tacticool

Born in the RSR
Just go play a video game for fuck sakes!

I got Jagged Alliance 2 for like 3 bucks on GOG.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Related: a promotional video "in association with iMovie", with "music by iTunes":
1. Buy the cheapest piece of property in your area with a large lot (that isn't a shit covered crack den)

2. Buy some scrap cars, scrap steel beams and a bunch of barrels.

3. Charge gun nut morons 500 a head to run through your obstacle course.

4. Profit like a motherfucker.
Or are these all bouncers/rentacops?

blue vein steel
it's an even better scam if you can get a training contract with a security agency or police department

I'm assuming these are unloaded weapons (I think I hear a couple of clicks that would indicate firing an empty gun?), because with how theyre moving and carrying their weapons (or not, at times), I would definitely want to be standing behind something thick and bulletproof while this was going on.
Centennial Ostrich
1:59 Thank you, Lord.
My favourite bit is right at the beginning when the guy climbs on the car bonnet, trips, and almost falls neck first into a broken windshield.
Damn, dude got some cakes.
I rarely reroll poor stats.. now I know what one of my PCs looks like IRL

Also 2:00 made my day
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