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Desc:This was the top related video to 'Old lady rapping about her dildo'
Tags:lube, CRAZY EYES, fifi, sexology, penis-like object
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Comment count is 10
This is all way too much effort.
You're like 7 years too late. I'm kind of drowning in it now. Thanks, though. Good things usually don't last forever.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Where does she live? I'd like to stalk her.
Ahh Adam & Eve. I started getting that catalog when I was a teen and I never knew how I got on the list; perhaps my mom put me on it or perhaps Columbia House sold my info after I never paid for CDs. Good viral commercial. 5 stars.
This video really picks up steam quickly. Hog tie the stuffed animal and stab its back.
I like the part about putting your dick in a bowl of black beans, personally.

Clinical sexologist? Does that mean there are developmental sexologists? Cognative sexologists? Evolutionary sexologists? Child sexologists?
Well, given that her client is 12...yes?

Monkey Napoleon
The attitude of the general public towards male masturbatory aids (vs female) is really fucked up...

But not as fucked up as rigging together a flimsy pussy out of household objects. Just cough up the $50 or whatever.
Robin Kestrel
So, gloves, basically.
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