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Desc:I vote she gets an expensive plane ticket to North Korea.
Tags:idiot, bad parenting, spoiled, rich people, waste of space
Submitted:Marlon Brawndo
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The Mothership
You can't fool me, that is not a $3,000 Gucci bag. You are frontin'.
Binro the Heretic
Oompa-loompa doopity-do
I've got a little puzzle for you

Oompa-loompa doopity-dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me

Who do you blame if a kid is a brat?
Pampered & spoiled like a Siamese cat

Blaming the kid is a lie & a shame
You know exactly who to blame...

The mother & the father

Oompa-loompa doopity-da
If you're not spoiled, you will go far

You will live in happiness, too
Like the oompa-loompa doopity do


Pronouncing affluent like effluent is the real crime here. I'm guessing she pronounced it that way because she's reading from a script, because this is on Dr Phil and is therefore somewhere in the range of bullshit to total bullshit.
good lord Dr. Phil montages. Flash edits, ("bawwwwooomm"), shake transition, bell ring, flip screen to B&W...working really hard to look like the intro to Se7en. It's the parody of this stuff is why I loved Kroll Show so much.
Marlon Brawndo
It's evil on so many levels.

Dr. Phil is a living dystopian nightmare in talk show format.

All that money spent on clothes and she's still a basic bitch.
They say pride goeth before a fall.
She may be about due for one.
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