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Desc:I think they are calling out an online retailer for selling unsatisfactory fursuits
Category:Pets & Animals, Business
Tags:ICP, Furries, Insane Clown Posse, violent j, consumer rights
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Comment count is 18
There are no words.
sweet christ
this dimension is bizzare
"Violent J and his furry daughter" is one of those rare phrases that manages to shock without surprising.
I can't...
blue vein steel
all of human history has lead up to this moment.
Maggot Brain
Is this real? It can't be. When I wake up I'm going to tell you guys all about this crazy dream I about how one of the ICP guys went broke buying furry gear for his daughter.
i think it's sweet that he is willing to put so many of his financial resources towards the sexual fetish of his twelve-year-old daughter. the family that yiffs together sticks together.

I get the feeling that as parents go, you could do a LOT worse than Violent J.

Also possible that the kid doesn't know about yiffing and the dad is too stupid to realize what a lot of furries like to do.

Maggot Brain

there is a well established cross section of furry-Juggalos

if there are furry Nazis there are furry everythings.

blue vein steel
I agree with OZ. Other than his terrible taste in literally everything, Violent J seems like he'd be a pretty cool dad.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
Water, fire, air and dirt
Caveat emptor, how does it work
and I don't wanna read Consumers Unionists
Y'all motherfuckers lying and getting me pissed
I think the lesson here is "don't buy your new fursuit on Ali Express for fuck sake."

One of the lessons, anyway.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I guess when your dad's a juggalo overlord, you've got to join a subculture that even most of that crowd wouldn't touch.

Though thanks to POE Red, I know that furry juggaloes do, in fact, exist, though probably in small numbers.
Mister Yuck
My first reaction was mocking, but after watching a little, I think this is just stand up parenting. Also, magnets are fucking magic.
Sudan no1
I came here to make sure this was submitted
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