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Desc:Apparently he spent the episode acting like a douche and then challenged this guy to a fight?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:screech, dustin diamond, confusing, lots of cursing
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Comment count is 26
With this show and the sex tape, I think what we have here is a washed up actor trying so hard to be hip and relevant he doesn't realize what a douchebag he is.
When desperate washed up celebrities and walking reality tv gimmicks collide, no one is safe! I always liked Da Brat though and I'm kinda sad she's on this show.
I know it's a Hopper clip, but dupe.
Dragon shirt!
That's not a dragon shirt. It's an eagle and a skull long-sleeved t-shirt. Dragon shirts have dragons... and collars. And buttons.

Trust me, I'm an expert on dragon shirts.

At T minus 23, there is clearly a dragon on the back of his shirt, professor! I think the dragon may be either attacking or mating with attacking a huge skull.

I dunno. Who is the biggest douche bag? An adult screech or someone acting like they are going to beat the crap out of an adult screech.
Calamity Jon
"You must be out of your fucking part-time cartoon mind." Well that is, my friend, that is one hella poetic and apropos put-down. Well done. Now please beat Dustin Diamond to death, thanks.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think someone has finally taken John Edwards' crown. Dustin Diamond, ladies and gentlemen!
Dustin: you are an unfunny has-been actor whose only contribution to the world was to play the geek in a sitcom so juvenile they actually aired most of it on Saturday mornings. You have no right to feel superior to anyone. And that includes mentally ill homeless people.
As an aside, how DID they get that vagrant cleaned up and in a suit?

Thank you, Reality TV, for filling my living room with people I could give a rat's ass about.
It's really tough to act like a bigger douchebag than Dustin Diamond, but I think this guy pulled it off.
Dustin Diamond once told my youngest sister she made him hard, true fucking story. It gives me great pleasure to see someone else threaten him with what I wish I had been around to threaten him with.
Details, sir.

Seconding the call for details.

I would actually pay money to see that dude beat the shit out of Dustin Diamond. Seriously. Put it on the next UFC card, I am so there.
I would be closer than you think. He has a black belt and fought Horshack.

Dude, *I* could beat up Horshack. The dude is twenty years older and six inches shorter.

On this episode of When Inferiority Complexes Collide...
I'm torn. It IS Dustin Diamond getting reamed, but jesus..like you need to beat your chest THAT much over a pussy like that.
Aubrey McFate
Dustin looks like a stereotypical bad college roommate. Also, reality show drama.
Hopefully the nail in the coffin that secludes this ridiculous idiot from ever muttering bullshit from his double necked face on television again.

And yes I have a soft spot for Celebrity Fat Camp. And this cunt made it unwatchable. Go Bald Black Guy?
C-Celebrity Fat Camp? Seriously? That's the name of this show?
Hate to interrupt the huge hate-on here, but one of these people was acting reasonably while another one acted like a dumb spaz.
Diamond did what? Threaten some irate bald guy who apparently threatened him first? That's one crazy bald guy. Misogynistic bald guy, too.
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