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teethsalad - 2019-02-20

i knew a guy w/ family friends who was a CPD detective when this happened and he told me the police would stop and drink there after hours because apparently gacy had a full bar in his house

Chicken the Did - 2019-02-20

There was a belief then and belief now the police dragged their heels on purpose because the people initially vanishing were considered 'pests'. A case of 'heh, don't let me stop you...' Then when Gacy moved onto higher pedigree, white males suddenly they cared. Gacy racked up his kill count by being familiar with those police and going right for the people they wanted gone anyways. And then he got greedy. In this way the police were his fucking accomplices. And no, the police obviously didn't know it was Gacy. But what I am saying is they could have possibly ID'd and caught Gacy sooner if if they cared. They did not.

teethsalad - 2019-02-21

based on some of my off-duty social interactions with some of chicago's finest i don't doubt this in the slightest

Mister Yuck - 2019-02-20

This did not happen in Berwyn. There is no way I'm watching this, this clown was one town over from where I grew up and was basically our childhood boogeyman.

yogarfield - 2019-02-20

Berwyn had it's own chubby boogeyman.

yogarfield - 2019-02-20


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