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SolRo - 2019-08-02

Anyone not surprised that brawndows youtube recommendations feature young boys and hitler?

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-08-02

It's weird that this got voted up but not the interview with Annie Jacobsen about Nazi war criminals that I submitted at the same time. You know, it's about how they were bad people and all the bad things they did. So if you're actually interested to know about how the US government hid information about top Nazis that either got brought over to the US to start their lives over again on our dime OR started a community in Argentina, feel free to give it a thumbs up.

Hazelnut - 2019-08-02

One star for shit-eating racist Marlon Brawndo. No I'm not interested in your fresh exciting views on Hitler.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-08-02

LOL oh you guys

My grandfather beheaded a Nazi once during WWII. It was my favorite story of his. He also welcomed his entire family into his house that were able to escape from Cuba. You know, Cuba, that little country that was ruined by socialism.

My family defeated Nazis and survived the evils of Communism. My family rules.

SolRo - 2019-08-03

Yeah, Cuba is a really hardcore “evil commie death trap” for pussiefied Floridian rightwing expats.

Spike Jonez - 2019-08-03

LOL you think McCarthy was factual

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-08-03

So you're an apologist for Castro, then! Wow!

You are scum and so is anyone else that ever supported that scum.

SolRo - 2019-08-03

I’m not defending everything about Castro but “survived Cuban communism” is only a bragging right in the most idiotic of right-wing Floridian enclaves.

duck&cover - 2019-08-02

Nazis: not cute, not funny.

Mister Yuck - 2019-08-02

Yeah, fuck Mel Brooks! Wait, what were we talking about?

garcet71283 - 2019-08-03

This is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

Also, this looks great!

Spike Jonez - 2019-08-02

A Polynesian Jewish director playing imaginary Hitler. I'm gonna watch it.

Pillager - 2019-08-02

5 Stars for having the balls to mock authoritarians.

I really hope the comedy genre doesn't die out like Noir, westerns, & cold war thrillers.

fedex - 2019-08-02

This looks awesome

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