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SolRo - 2020-04-18

If only you put in this much effort to submit videos of trump being a dick, the hopper would overflow.

Hazelnut - 2020-04-18

Since he's probably going to be forcing through a handful of anti-Biden propaganda every day, I'd like to accompany the one stars with more interesting material. Here for instance is the transcript of Senator Elizabeth Warren's endorsement. It's surprisingly heartfelt:

“He grew up on the ragged edge of the middle class in Scranton. He committed to public service early in life and never stopped serving. And he’s faced unspeakable tragedy with fortitude and grace. These experiences animate the empathy he extends to Americans who are struggling, no matter what their story.

Empathy matters. And in this moment of crisis, it is more important than ever that the next president restores Americans faith in good, effective government. Joe Biden has spent nearly his entire life in public service. He knows that a government run with integrity, competence and heart will save lives and save livelihoods. And we can’t afford to let Donald Trump continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of every American.

And that’s why I’m proud to endorse Joe Biden as President of the United States.

I’ve seen the vice president help a community heal. One year of the day after the Boston Marathon bombings that tore up bodies and tore our sense of safety and community, he was here. People who’d been hurt, people who were afraid, he gave them peace and he gave them grace. I watched it…

But when Donald Trump is gone, we will need to do more than heal a nation that has been bitterly divided. We will need to rebuild and transform our country. And I’ve seen Joe Biden help a nation rebuild. In 2009, President Obama put him in charge of leading the implementation of the historic Recovery Act to save our economy and help working families. During the recovery, and later when I worked in the White House setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I saw him up close, doing the work, getting in the weeds, never forgetting who we were all there to serve.

Among all the other candidates I competed with in the Democratic primary, there’s no one I’ve agreed with a hundred percent of the time over the years. But one thing I appreciate about Joe Biden is he will always tell you where he stands. When you disagree, he’ll listen. And not just listen, but really hear you and treat you with respect no matter where you’re coming from. And he’s shown throughout this campaign that when you come up with new facts or a good argument, he’s not too afraid or too proud to be persuaded.

Joe Biden was there at the very moment I became a senator. He swore me in and when he did, he said you gave me hell and you’re gonna do a great job. Because that’s the thing about Joe – he wants you in the fight with him. And when you’re in the fight with Joe at your side, you know you have a partner who’s committed to getting something good done for this country. Joe Biden is a selfless public servant. He is committed to the fight for social, racial and economic justice. Joe Biden will lead a government that works for the American people.

And now it’s up to all of us to help make Joe Biden the next president of the United States. Let’s get to work. Go to JoeBiden.com right now and chip in your five bucks, make some phone calls, send some text. We’re all in this together now.”

Good words from a good person.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-04-18

Biden would make a better president than Trump because he's not Trump.

Other people who make a better president than Trump include:

Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
Marlon Brawndo
Frank Pacholski
Rachel Ray
Ron Jeremy
Boris Johnson
Boris Karloff
the cast of "Friends"
Pewdie Pie
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
A literal Rock
The corpse of Richard Nixon, reanimated as a zombie that eats human flesh
The corpse of Gerald Ford stood up against a wall
Ron Paul
Ru Paul
Logan Paul
Paul Feig
Any Ghostbuster, male or female.
The Mysterians
Emilio Estevez
Annie Sprinkle
Mike Tyson
Mike Pence
The corpse of Mike Pence, reanimated as zombie that eats human flesh
Martin Scorscese
Martin Short
Steve Martin
Martin Lawrence
Vicky Lawrence
Quentin Tarentino
the entire cast of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", including extras and cameos
Andrew Yang
Arnold Stang
Tom Arnold
Tom Cruise
Julee Cruise
Julie Nixon Eisenhower
Dwight David Eisenhower
David Lynch
Jessica Lynch
Jessia Alba
Jessica Simpson
OJ Simpson
JJ Walker
Alice Walker
Alice Cooper
Bradley Cooper
Milton Bradley
Milton Berle
Marilyn Manson
Mariln Chambers
Marilyn McCoo
Billy Davis Jr.
Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Hagar
David Lee Roth
Phillip Roth
Busy Phillips
Busbey Berkely
Delta Burke
Billie Burke
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Porter
Billiy Ray Cyrus
Ray Charles
Charles Lindberg
Linda Blair
Linda Hamilton
Hamilton Jordan
Barbara Jordan
Barbara Eden
Pete Buttigieg
and Paul Lynde.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-04-18

I've been looking at my stats. Since 2008, I've viewed this site 1,149,339 times. I've submitted 795 videos. I've rated 2551 videos. During that time, I've one starred 55 videos, four of them in the past three weeks.

themilkshark - 2020-04-18

This thread is going to be hilarious in a few months when Trump wins the election

SolRo - 2020-04-18

Must be nice to be a sheltered rich brat.

il fiore bel - 2020-04-18

shark, showing your milky penis at this point in time doesn't have an actual effect on the outcome of the election. Just so you know.

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