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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-06-08

It is staggering to me how much that I, who have voted essentially a straight Democratic ticket for more than 40 years, have not understood about systemic racism in my own country. The words I most needed hear from this was WE GOT HERE ON PURPOSE.

Capitalism has created a society where the white majority is terrified to lose its privilege, because you could die from not having health insurance. I'm on social security, and my benefits have never been threatened. My friend Cynthia was a paralegal for Legal Aid, and black people on social programs were constantly having their rice bowl threatened. In times of political and economic insecurity, my privilege comforts me. I can't deny it.

betamaxed - 2020-06-08

The ending portion in which the now famous clip of Kimberly Jones explaining about how the social contract has been broken is a good one, but it's incomplete. I recommend everyone watch her full ~7:00 minute speech that lead up to the clip that was used in this episode.


This should get its own submission if it hasn't gotten one already.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-06-08

If there's more of this, it's my duty as an American to watch it.

exy - 2020-06-08

Thank you beta, please post that vid (you or someone with privileges)

betamaxed - 2020-06-09

It's in the hopper now, Exy.

exy - 2020-06-09

thx, voted

IrishWhiskey - 2020-06-08

This video has helped me to explain to a lot of nervous white people what "Defund the police" means, and why it's important.

So many people seem to recognize murdering George Floyd wasn't okay, but think it's just "a few bad apples." Despite the fact the officer did this on camera without fear of getting punished, because he'd been protected before, and his fellow officers didn't stop him. Despite it happening in police departments all across the country. Despite unambiguous proof of racial disparity in police arrests and violence. Despite police rallying around officers beating innocent people, and cheering on the most savage thugs and racists to be their police union leaders. Despite seeing night after night police respond to peaceful protests by attacking people with clubs, gassing them, shooting them, arresting them, and framing them, for daring to speak up against the police and their power.

exy - 2020-06-09

shoutout to poopy for trolling me hard in chat last night about defunding the cops

Binro the Heretic - 2020-06-08

I grew up poor in a rural town with few Black people around.

When there aren't a lot of Black people around, the poor become the targets of the police. Lots of poor Whites in areas like these fear police coming into their neighborhoods since the police seldom come to help, but to hunt.

The big difference is, if we move someplace where there are a lot of Black people, we will get treated like White people no matter how poor we are.

Black people, no matter how rich, poor, educated, etc. are always treated like shit no matter where they go in this country and it fucking needs to stop.

Put the cops on a short leash. Don't just slash their budgets. Take away their military gear. Take away their pepper spray and stun guns and all the other "non-lethal" bullshit they're too eager to use. Make them regular people who can't easily push other people around and they'll learn to deescalate situations instead of pulling power trips on anyone who talks back to them.

And take away their power to issue fines. It's just another source of revenue.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2020-06-09

One thing that needs to be said. People don't seem to understand that there is room between making all drugs legal, and having a "drug war".

People are used to thinking that the drug war has been a failure, but if the point was to lock up and disenfranchise a whole lot of black people, it's been a huge success. Maybe that's why conservatives will always act like the only alternative to "WAR" is "LEGALIZATION".

Old_Zircon - 2020-06-09

Not available in my country (USA).

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