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simon666 - 2020-09-18

Where did Bea Arthur's go? How was that explained in the plot line?

simon666 - 2020-09-18

Oh she got married and left.

exy - 2020-09-18

Surely I was ever aware that this spin-off existed. 5 for baby Cheadle.

Marlon Brawndo - 2020-09-18

I think this was the best episode. Without Bea Arthur, they needed a personality who could offset the rest by being the reasonable one, and that was Don Cheadle. He and Rue McLanahan really did a good job here. This was some All in the Family level of writing. I loved how they were able to do this without it feeling like a sermon. It was tactful and nuanced. You feel for Don Cheadle when he talks about his association. You actually feel sorry for Blanche for being stupid, and you feel it when she's actually sorry. None of it feels forced. The episode got its point across without having to preach it.

Also, Rose was beyond stupid and irritating in this episode. Fuck that interfering cockblocker.

Marlon Brawndo - 2020-09-18

should have said "his association of the Confederate flag with violence". Seriously, they handled that perfectly when it came to showing their totally differing viewpoints.

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