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Violet Intents - 2021-03-20

I actually watched this and the Extreme Ghostbusters St Patrick's Day episodes back to back, and was surprised at how well both held up and complimented the other. In general been watching both shows recently and Real still holds up and Extreme gets a lot of (mostly) unwarranted shit the more you watch and see they actually have some strong plots and creative and genuinely creepy monsters like the first few seasons of Real. Hell I think Extreme had an episode with what basically were Cenobites, might be wrong.
That said I really like how Egon just draws the line at luck, of all things, nah that's just fucking silly lol. Extremes episode bis similar but taken to the next logical level of someone straight up being afflicted with bad luck.

Nominal - 2021-03-20


oh wow...

Cena_mark - 2021-03-21

I'm surprised the cops arrested all the Ghostbusters and not just Winston

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