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Desc:When a problem comes along, you must whip it
Category:Music Videos
Tags:Devo, 80s, de-evolution, if this a dupe I cant find it
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Resubmit:B. Weed

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Eroticus E
I was wondering how TinManic felt about this video. Thank God that's settled.

That is because you have no taste

Have you NO SHAME, sir

I know Devo is supposed to be great and they have a lot of fans here, but all their songs just seem underwhelming to me.
Have you heard the first album?

I've heard/seen most of the Devo stuff on poetv, that's about it. They have had some pretty groovy songs, but I think Polysics has spoiled me in terms of this kind of music. And the three-star rating wasn't a condemnation of Devo as a whole, I'm just not too into this song.

Being a fan of Polysics has actually help me appreciate Devo more. I'm still definitely more of a Polysics fan, but this just classic.

Testicles of Doom
Underwhelming is the whole idea of the band. De-evolution of music, bringing it back to the simplest terms. It was a direct reaction to the bloated 70s prog-rock with its 35 minute keyboard solos.

Spit Spingola
As far as content and creativity they're one of the greatest bands ever. They pretty much did everything themselves too, as far as designing their costumes, tweaking their own instruments, and creating cool propaganda to go along with everything. They didn't just wear those hats because they wanted to, they thought up an insane reason for them. Polysics are great but have the added advantage of a lot more money and cheap technology and designers to make their costumes for them.

Alan the drummer was the horny one? Huh.
Why on earth did this take so long to get submitted?
According the Gerald Casale, the concept for this video came from a story in a 1950s nudie mag about an ex-stripper who ran a dude ranch with her husband, where the whipping/stripping routine was part of the guests' entertainment.
Shot at by cross-eyed Chinese whore = hot. By at least some measures this is the most depraved shit I've ever seen. Absolutely awesome.
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