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Desc:Furry tells us about all the cartoon dogs he wants to put his penis in.
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:sex, furry, Furries, cartoons, animal
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Comment count is 20
Well, that was creepy as fuck. Somehow, I'm not suprised he has disabled ratings/comments for this video on Youtube.
I can't even figure out how to apply stars to this so I'm not going to. A very disturbing being.
The belligerent "I WON'T MOW THE LAWN"ism of this clip is astounding. Agreed, this should either get ten stars or negative-thirty.

No, there isn't anything we can do about the fact that the guy wants to have sex with cartoon dogs -- but the moment he decides to have sex with ACTUAL dogs, there's a ton of stuff that we (society) can do. And what fun prison would be for a guy put in for a perverse sex/abuse crime who ALSO has the added bonus of a regressive childhood fetish!
The entire cast of Milo and Otis? All 100 dalmatians? You got greedy, son.

Long-time POE people will be interested to know it turns out he's a friend of ebon lupus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJqY5Nev0C4

And it's for real. If you check his YouTube channel and personal website...yep...he's just another dumbfuck furry. And not interesting enough for POE regular.
I'm not even going to watch this, much less rate it, because the preloader image is of a plush toy of the girl dog from Balto.

None of those dogs exist. You will never have sex with them. And there is nothing you can do about it. Yep. Nothing whatsoever.

None of those dogs may be real, but he has the stuffed animals. And he seems sick enough to do a little pen knife surgury to them to, well...

Now I think I need a bath, that mental image makes me feel especially dirty.

Ok, what do you say when your mom walks in and you're fucking your stuffed dog?

I like how its been favorited twice on youtube.
I would think it was a joke if it wasn't by an established furry who disabled comments and ratings on it.
oh, furries.
i just want to know what sort of bizzare fetishes this is gonna spring up 5-10 years down the line

i weep for the future
Jeff Fries
Stick it to the man

Caminante Nocturno
The furrys are always willing to step up and remind us that laughing at them will never, ever go out of style.
All 101 of them? That's kinda badass, for dogfucking.
j lzrd / swift idiot
It's the calm voices that scared me straight the fuck out of it. Dogfucking sociopaths who haven't graduated to fucking humans.
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