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Desc:Skullcruncher has his mind blown by the concept of alien life.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Aliens, Transformers, dub, headmasters, skullcruncher
Submitted:Clever Name
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Comment count is 18
Not as exceptional as previous clips, but who the fuck one-starred this? You have no soul.
Caminante Nocturno
"Hey, so when are we going to have a drink with the aliens, SKULLCRRRRUNCHA?"
Maybe if I knew something about these cartoons they'd make more sense.
You seem a little lost there buddy; try wikipedia.

The decepticons seem so chill. Like Transformers: Headmasters was a buddy flick / road movie.
WHAT? ALIENS? (helpful picture of aliens)
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Failed translations of Japanese puns make everything better.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh man, this cartoon has it all, I had to watch it again to catch the little kanji substitution.

Japan, you earn your keep.

i wish somebody would put THIS on dvd.
Princess v2.1
It's coming out on Bittor... uh, I mean, the UK

Testicles of Doom
Simply amazing.
I love how all the "Aliens" look like they got lost on their way to the set of The Real Ghostbusters.
Don't the decepticons know about all the other races floating around the galaxy? Like, oh I don't know, the ones who built them? Or the ones who helped the autobots win? Is skullcruncher just really uneducated>
Or the ones that turn INTO THEIR FUCKING HEADS. Good god, Skullcruncher.

Or the ones that have SKULLS that he can CRUNCH and thus get his stupid NAME. I just think, you know, he was having a laugh kind of trolling the other decepticons. It was probably a long, boring space flight.

my favorite part of this is how skullcruncher's expression is basically D:
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