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Desc:One of the best action scenes in animation history
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Anime, Japan, hayao miyazaki, Lupin, Jigen
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Comment count is 22
I used to love playing Cliffhanger as a kid. Despite the fact that it was pretty much impossible. Didn't realize until much later what it was from.
Miyazaki showing what he can do.

If you haven't seen the two Lupin television episodes that Miyazaki directed, go find them!
My absolute favorite film of all time. The whole movie is like this.
I think I'm gonna go watch this film now.
Need more Lupin!
great flick!! and Lupin rules!!
I never actually sat down to watch any Lupin. Now I think I might have to.
Even Spielberg, in a moment of clarity, declared this to be the greatest adventure film ever made
You see, Caminante? YOU SEE?
I don't understand why everyone is getting all wet downstairs about this clip other than its Anime directed by, apparently, someone you all worship. I hope his other shit is better than a stereotypical private dick trenchcoats shoot out the tire car chase scene.

Jeff Fries
Snooty comeback speaks for itself.

This is a scene from Inspector Gadget with more frames.

Sorry, can't use pink text here.

Yes! Jeff Fries is here to tell us what's up!

"This is a scene from Inspector Gadget with more frames." hahahaha

Don't "get it"

"This is a scene from Inspector Gadget with more frames."

Holy fuck, that hit the nail on the head. I watched this twice and can't get why everybody is collectively jisming themselves. It's cool, but it's not 5-star excellence.

Also, new folks, learn to use the WHOLE rating system, not just 1-star and 5-star ratings.

How can you people not like this? The animation is spectacular and it manages to maintaint live-action level pacing

The joy in this is that they don't waste any opportunities to entertain. There are so many details about this where a lesser, lazier animation team would have drawn unimaginative but adequate scenes, but these guys weren't content to phone it in. Minor example: the bird who briefly gets caught in the car. It's not necessary, it doesn't change the plot at all, but it's a nice touch.

Everyone drifts all the time here. It's impossible to drive straight.
You know I'd heard that Lupin III is a great action movie, but I never really believed it until now.
The film also includes the best trick a guy can do to a girl involving country flags. Please go see this film.
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