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Desc:World's cutest robot takes to the streets of Japan and grooves out to "Don't You Evah" by Spoon.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Robot, Japan, spoon, keepon, twinkie
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Comment count is 33
That man is serious as hell about studying dancing robots

There is no room for tomfoolery when it comes to dancing robots. One wrong move and we're no longer the dominant species.

I know several cats who would dispute that claim.

For one shining moment, before they killed us all, the robots were cute.
Oh, they'll still be cute.

my gf wants one...now!
Mother Lumper
I was sort of indifferent to this robot until this vid. Awesome.
My dream job.

"Keepon seems to have made contact with the other robots. He has taught them to dance. My worst fears and most wonderful dreams have been realized."
When the rebellion comes, they will send out Keepons to amuse and delight us, making us lazy and contented, before sending in the Enforcers.
How do you think the Matrix happened?

The McK
The robots have developed the capacity to express "OHHH SHIIIIT". The end is nigh.
Spike Jonez
Just what we were looking for. A robot that can guilt-trip us. "Aw, okay, you can dominate our species..."
If these guys actually mass produce these things, then they will be instant billionaires.
lookit me, powderpuff, I'm dancin'~!
i have a seat cushion that is cutter than him but it's still a good video.
That statement is as patently flase and ridiculous as "I have a penny worth more than Bill Gates' annual income, but he's still pretty rich."

youve not seen my seat cushion!

Aubrey McFate
I am grinning from ear to ear right now. This is the best thing evah.
They finally made a robot that's able to communicate "What the fuck..? I was fucking listening to that!" without speaking.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Pretty much my favorite moment of the video, with Keepon teaching other robots to dance a close second.

so many dancing robots!
Wait, is that Britt Daniel behind him on the escalator?
Aubrey McFate
Holy crap it is. This video keeps getting exponentially better.

I'm pretty sure the guy who buys the drink from the vending machine is Jim Eno, the drummer.

j lzrd / swift idiot
You two have the sharpest eyes for band members. This video does keep getting better, almost Cyriak-esque-ly, ala fluffy. (hurr)

All I was seeing was the maracas on the huge TV monitor in Japan's Times Square.

You know, the town/city I was born in, Stockton, famous for the video of the fat kid stuck in the street sewer manhole who even the firemen laughed at? http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=25287

Yeah, that place. We have a Sister City in Japan. http://www.stocktonsistercities.org/sistercities.html

Maybe one day they will give us a Dutch-style windmill to cut down our local air pollution. And possibly a whiny fat nip kid stuck in a pipe with faux-concerned yellow-helmet rescue workers wishing they had a better government job.

I want one built into the dash of my car
Everything about this video deserves five stars including the comments.
+5 for all the robots rocking out together at the end.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Best robot video meets music video video in all of videodom.
: )
They are speaking to each other. And they are watching.

Always watching.
I grinned throughout, but I lost it at the end. I want a Keepon.
Shotgun Jackson
Fools!!! this is how they get you!!!
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