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Desc:Grandma helps remove a putrid cyst from some kid's leg. The discharge does not disappoint.
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:disgusting, puss, curdled milk, good family memories, body horror
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Comment count is 15
sloth love crunk
I'm going to dub some of Yoko Ono's latest stuff over this
Sudan no1
The Citizen Kane of pimple-popping videos.
The slo-mo accompanied by the bellowing of The Great Old Ones at the end made it.
Mother Lumper
5 stars just for that comment to get me to watch it to the end.

Five stars for basic sanitary precautions and bandaging in this one.
Albuquerque Halsey
pull you gloves up all the way, dambit

Enough with the puss videos
I agree, but at the same time, no one made us watch it.

This is probably my least favorite poetv meme ever
Worse than that influx of clips from the Chipmunk Adventure.

Also: I refuse to watch that video as I plan to eat in the next five years.

Oh the wonders the human body can produce!
Rodents of Unusual Size
I don't get you people. I find it fascinating. I almost feel relieved by the ends of the clips. The human body is filled with suspense! And pus.
That's what a good pus video should be.

The only way to improve it is if the discharge was white, green, or yellow.
The talking is distracting me from enjoying the video.
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