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Desc:CGI and sound effects turn classic western High Noon into science fiction
Category:Short Films, Classic Movies
Tags:science fiction, western, Sci-Fi, High Noon
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Comment count is 28
Rodents of Unusual Size
Finally, a western I can enjoy.
Most impressive.
Really, really well done.
love it! very creative mashup
Very very good. Except I think they should have made the sounds blend in more with the old video instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.
Syd Midnight
I'd have given 6 stars if it had a Wilhelm scream
That's the only thing missing.`

That was awesome.
the horrible, horrible voice acting.
Aubrey McFate
See, I actually liked that part. It's very self-aware.

putting a ton of effort into adding sci-fi effects into a movie and then completely destroying the illusion that those effects belong there is self-destructive, not "self-aware"

What Xiphias said. It's cool as shit, but then they make it all WACKETY SCHMACKETY and fuck things up.

Aubrey McFate
Cheesy sci-fi and bad acting don't go together? Since when?

Besides, it's a gag. I saw that as part of the gag.

Michael Houser
This is a gimmick I'd actually like to see a lot more of. The potential is limitless.
Someone should do the reverse of this with Star Wars, and change the lasers into bullets and blood.
Haha, pretty amazing... I wish, I wish they would've put the same amount of effort in the sounds that they did on the video. But a great idea.
I think I saw Will Wheaton.
Finally, a western that dorks can enjoy.
See ROUS's previous comment. And yes, I know him in real life, and yes, he's a giant dork.

Caminante Nocturno
Was this voiced by the same people who do those abridged Yugioh episodes?
Very nice, too bad the impact particles were crap though.
This reminded me of "Knights of Cydonia" music video by Muse.
Pie Boy
Reminds me of Firefly, which gives it an automatic five stars.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Okay, I see what they did there. Very funny fellas, veeeeerrry funny. The gigantic space based laser is a nice touch.
Someone make a movie like this! Only with better sound effects.
Baby Finster
When that last android blew up I heard a sound effect from that pinball game they bundled with Windows.
Lies, lies, LIES!
Five stars for the Star Trek door.
Very clever. I'd watch an entire series like this.
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