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Desc:Game trailer
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Simpsons, homer, medal of homer
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Comment count is 12
This a joke, right? This is just an ad for someone's crappy mod of MOH and not actually a game being released by EA?
This is not a standalone game. It is one part of the upcoming Simpsons game. In conclusion, you are dumb.

You must have sharper eyes then mine, since my eyes curled to the back of my head during the coma that was brought on from watching a trailer chock full of unoriginal and lazily gaming content.

When I woke from said coma, I was relieved to see your dutiful comment informing me that this was a NOT a stand alone game.

However, that still doesn't make this game any less crappier, standalone or not.

Mike Tyson?!
Cell shading has coming a long way since Jet Set Radio.
Oh I hope it's half as good as Bart vs. the World.
I don't see any commy nazis... and what about Hitler and his car?
Do you want them to reveal all the awesome things they've put in during the trailer?

If they put awesome things in, that is. Simpsons games have a terrible track record. I can't bring myself to really care that much about one until I receive word that it's good.

Simpsons Arcade Game. You owe us a retraction.

There have been tens of Simpsons games, and the franchise has spawned some of the most objectively terrible games ever made. One good game out of 20 does not a good track record make.

Simpsons: Hit N' Run wasn't bad, really.

Dummy Rum
I actually preferred Hit N' Run to Crazy Taxi, the game it was ripped off from. Or was it Road Rage? Which one ripped of GTA?

a flaming monkey
Bart looks labotomized...

Does the blown out video game market really need this?
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