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Desc:It's a little wild, it's a little strange
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:nickelodeon, hey dude, man-eating jackrabbits, killer cacti
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Caminante Nocturno
This is the opening from my all-time favorite episode, no less. This show had, at the time, the best plots on Nickelodeon, and I can't fucking believe I just wrote that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was always disappointed the really deep voice in the song was never a character in the show. Also, what is up with the ghost bathysphere diver?
I'm wanting to say it has something to do with NASA testing spacesuits out in the desert.

Or something else equally plausible.

Danny died of the aids, or so I hear.
So one of the guys from Moog Cookbook got lost?
What a great theme song. What a awful, awful show.
Zhou Fang
I only remember this one bit from the show: Ted says he won't use anything made by Indians and then Danny takes all of his clothes away and won't let him eat anything.
I watched this show a lot waiting to see the gang get attacked by man eating jackrabbits and killer cacti.
obligatory sexual reference in regards to melody...
I used to like how the characters would be doing stuff at the beginning of the episode and then suddenly the logo just intruded on all their lives like that.

I remember giving up on the show after Ted left. The guy they replaced him with was a poor substitute.
Jeff Fries
Sort of the reverse of Salute Your Shorts

Oh, and Melody? She's married to Ben Stiller.

Like the cowboys say.

Rodents of Unusual Size
According to imdb. the dad went on to do more than any of them. His resume's a mile long...who knew?
Crazy country folk!

Miserly, cowardly gold diggin' Jew boys in the desert sun! Yeeeehaw!
So, Brad or Melody?
I'm a Brad man, myself. Which sounds way gay if you've never seen the show, but that doesn't bother me.

Jeff Fries
The whole show they insisted Brad was the hot one and Melody was the sweet kid sister, WHO'S BANGING BEN STILLER NOW HUH

Fellow hipsters and music dorks: Jonathan Galkin, the current label head/business guy/A&R for DFA, used to be on this show, though damn if I can remember which character.
Guy who replaced Ted. Sort of like how the guy who replaced Mikey on Salute Your Shorts is in Rilo Kiley now, I guess.

I never watched this show, but I always liked the opening song.

Oh, and Melody.
Killer Prunes
Salute Your Shorts was SO MUCH better
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