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Merzbau - 2007-09-29

This behavior is a lot less cute when you realize it's basically kittyspeak for REDRUM, REDRUM. Still, five points for that amazing Siamese.

Smellvin - 2007-09-29

That's kitty for: "I'M NOT AN INDOOR CAT!"

Dr Dim - 2007-09-29

Does it want to eat the birds?

These cats are pretty expensive, and this video hasn't convinced me that a good coffee machine wouldn't be a much more satifying purchase. The noise is better for one thing.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2007-09-30

Obvious it wants to fly with them

dementomstie - 2008-09-06

I'm pretty sure it's wanting to eat them. My cat makes the same sound when looking out the window at the birds on the deck. I read about it in a book and it said something like "Cats make this sound while hunting." which makes no sense to me, since the point of hunting is to be quiet isn't it?
Basically I think it means: "I'm nice and totally not going to eat you. Look, I sound like Chewbacca, that's cool right? You wanna hang out and totally not get eaten. You can work on your ArTooDeeToo impression. And did I mention that I'm totally not gonna eat you?"

TinManic - 2007-09-29

is there anything you mooks won't 5 star?

simon666 - 2007-09-29

please don't use my video as a forum for your poetv criticism :( haha

baleen - 2007-09-29

Mook? Who's a mook? I'm a mook? What's a mook?

coprolalia - 2007-09-30

We'll never know until you submit something, will we?

Operation Cornflakes - 2007-10-06


tamago - 2008-09-06

Christ TinManic are you still going on with your faggy crusade?

Five starring this out of both spite and for kitty Chewbacca noises.

tamago - 2008-09-13

TinManic, check the ratings of your videos for the answer.

DMKA - 2007-09-29

Beautiful cat.

bang to buck ratio - 2007-09-30

what why is it doing that

glasseye - 2008-09-08


Also: yay cats wooooooooooo!

fluffy - 2008-10-29


tamago - 2009-05-15

Ear mites are making that sound? Christ that is terrifying.

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