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Desc:Bicyclist throws his hands up in celebration, and loses 1st place as a result
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crash, Race, bicycle, bicyclist, look ma no hands
Submitted:magical man
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Comment count is 22
oh wow, this actually deserves a 5. that guys sucks. i feel a little bad for him but he's probably an arrogant prick.
Needs 'Premature Congratulation' tag.
Remember, kids, second place is the first loser.
Haha, I bet he feels stupid.
what a dickbag
I think this should happen more often to cyclists who make a show of riding around no-handed. Yes, you're very cool in your hoodie. I hope you crash.
bang to buck ratio
Hubris. Overweening pride.
Rabid Vegan
A well deserved second.
Aubrey McFate
Bahahaha, nice
Aubrey McFate
Forgot to say: "premature congratulation" is genius.

But the other guy did the same thing; I haven't learned anything from this video.
Goofy Gorilla
That was the best part-- complete victory.

Yeah, that really seems dickish on the part of the other guy, triumphing over someone else's mistake. I love evil, but that's just plain bad courtesy.

What an asshole
lol, sweet karma
Caminante Nocturno
This video enforces my belief that only assholes ride bicycles.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Not ALL of us. But yeah this guy could go for King Douche of Doucheville, all the way.
doc duodenum
This video needs an SUV riding up alongside him and honking.
I believe there are several parts of the world where the only acceptable remedy for a blunder of this nature would be self-disembowelment.
j lzrd / swift idiot
And he was so far away from the finish line when he raised his arms, too! What a prick. I just wish the crash has been slightly worse.
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