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Desc:Gonzo doesn't know anything about sex but another soldier will teach him.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:Iraq, sex, sex ed, angry dragon, superfister69
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Comment count is 22
TinManic - 2007-10-06
Was Gonzo retarded? they let litterally retarded people in army?
Baron_Von_Bad_Beaver - 2007-10-06
They're marines and this video is what most marines talk about when there's down time--this or sports/videogames. I shit you not.

Benzene265 - 2007-10-06
It's possible. you only need a 30 on your ASVAB to be infantry. But, I have the feeling that Gonzo is actually just young and somewhat shy rather than pants-on-head retarded. Being inexperienced and not understanding the finer points of prostate simulation is normal when you're only 18.
Benzene265 - 2007-10-06
Failed all around. That was supposed to be a reply to TinManic. Oh, and 5 stars for the SF69 tag.

Enjoy - 2007-10-06
Yeah I have to imagine if SF69 ever had video signature images, they would look something like this.

simon666 - 2007-10-06
i think gonzo is an iraqi, who speaks very little english. and this clip is amazing. choice quotes: ''if you can't get it up, stick your finger in your butt hole. works every time.'' and ''they act like they don't like it, but they do.''

Old People - 2014-04-17
You got it. Gonzo is their interpreter, or "terp", and he speaks just enough English to realize he's being fucked with, and to be disgusted, but not enough to adequately defend himself beyond a lonely little "you know what; fuck you".

Frank Rizzo - 2007-10-06
best part is when gonzo says "..you know what? fuck you" and no one notices.

simon666 - 2007-10-06
it's not they don't notice, they just ignore what he's saying because they are having too good of a time talking yaya to him.

grimcity - 2007-10-06
I don't care about the context, the conversation alone is worth 85 1/2 stars.
Gymnosophist - 2007-10-06
Thats the way I like it
Cap'n Profan!ty - 2007-10-06
oh enjoy, how could you NOT want to join the marines? this would be so much fun for you.
bang to buck ratio - 2007-10-06
Sometimes I'm just like, fuck it. I'll stick my finger up my ass. Whatever.
Adramelech - 2007-10-06
I'd rather be getting shot at than stuck listening to a couple douchebags trying to be quirky in the middle of a desert.
Konversekid - 2007-10-06
You can't really see the guy talking, but I am imagining he looks exactly like Rick Moranis.
Meerkat - 2007-10-06
Gonzo sounds more like he wishes they would just shut up already. It's like he's half-heartedly humouring them but he's thinking "oh fuck, twelve more hours of this shit."
TeenerTot - 2007-10-06
Huh...Reads like a Tarantino script. And twice as entertaining.
revdrew - 2007-10-06
The Dirty Sanchez.

Don't forget it.

It's great.
swickape - 2007-10-07
Is this what you guys all sat around talking about in JROTC?
Enjoy - 2007-10-07
Strangely enough, yes. On our way to drill events, a fat kid named Brian would tell disgusting stories on the bus and we all enjoyed them.

K Clobber - 2007-10-08
We are living in a conservative era. In my day, old Dirty Sanchez always involved anal. None of that 'sneak a thumb in' shit (no pun intended).
Sampoo - 2007-10-12
It's always the guy that talks the most about sex that gets the least amount of it....

poor gonzo
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